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Comfort Gut Special - More suited to the less challenging horse

Comfort Gut Special can play a role in helping to maintain healthy gastric acid levels and can be fed long term without disrupting acid production which is required to break down food for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Customers report that they feel Comfort Gut Special contributes to better utilisation of feed with older horses, poor doers, horses under stress and hard work.

Comfort Gut Special is exactly the same as comfort gut except it has been specially manufactured to be granular instead of a very fine powder.

Being granular (similar in size to granulated sugar) it is less messy to work with but has a slightly reduced surface areas so would not be suitable for the more challenged horses who struggle with their weight/condition or stress either by temperament or workload.

Key remarks relate to:

• Improved Condition, topline and overall coat shine.

• Improved Performance.

• Supports improved behaviour and ride-ability.

• Assisting optimum gut health and function by helping to maintain healthy gastric acid levels.

Competition, FEI and Race Legal. Will NOT show in bloods.

    30,00 €Precio
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