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A special event ? Or just some flyaways ?

What if horses could whisper their beauty secret ?

At the heart of our professional formula with a delicate leathery frangrance, the perfect osmosis between two universes. Like a rider feels at one with his horse: Keratin, hair's protein and Biotin, stables' superstar vitamin.

This styling hair spray styles and takes care of the most beautiful manes in their elegant and stylish shape. Spray from a distance of 25cm.

Washes out easily. Contains alcohol.

Keratin hydrolyzed: keratin micro-protein, it penetrates deeply into Hair & Mane for long lasting repair and restructuring.

Biotin: B7 vitamin that stimulates the growth of Hair & Mane. Thanks to its action on the composition of Keratin, this vitamin helps to make Hair & Mane more flexible, thicker and more mangeable.

Panthenol: B5 Pro-vitamin that deeply and durably moisturizes the Hair & Mane while soothing scalp and skin.

L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid: moisturizing agent that improves the resistance, softness and shine of Hair & Mane while protecting them from the sun and the wind.

Organic Aloe Vera: leaf juice has anti-irritant, anti-itch, moisturizing and stimulating proprettes.

Arnica Montana: flower extract that helps fight dandruff through its antibacterial properties.

Formula without aerosol gas, respects the health of hairdressers and customers.

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