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Versatile fluid oil.
BENEFITS: Strength and hydration.
- Deeply hydrates and nourishes
- Horn strength
- Wall, sole and frog
ADVANTAGES: Convenient and neat application.
- Since the applicator brush is built into the cap, no more dirty brushes that muck up and dirty all the grooming equipment!
- All season fluid
RAVENE’s recommendation: Pediflex is an indispensable part of the line! It is applied to the entire foot and is used in any season, on a wet or dry foot. Always keep it in your grooming bag!
Method of use: Apply PEDIFLEX easily via its built-in brush over the entire foot: wall, sole and frog. Close tightly after use.
Associated products: Combine the action of PEDIFLEX with that of PEDICADE on the frog, if the frog is damaged. You can separate maintenance of soles and frogs from maintenance of the outer walls, which may have specific needs in terms of hydration or protection: Pediflex on the bottom of the foot and one of our blond or black PEDIGARD ointments on the top.
Composition: Fluid oil made from natural plant products, including rapeseed oil, bay laurel oil, and eucalyptus essential oil.

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