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Black ointment.
BENEFITS: Protects and deeply nourishes the horn.
- Strengthens the horn while preserving its elasticity
- Contains vegetable activated carbon: its porosity provides an absorption capacity for external agents
- Fights against dry-out and plays a barrier role against external damage
- Deeply softens the horn
ADVANTAGES: Easy and pleasant application.
- Covers well for an optimal black effect on the hoof
- Stable in all seasons: does not melt in the summer or freeze in the winter
RAVENE’s recommendation: Alternate application of PEDIGARD black ointment with PEDIGARD blond ointment depending on the condition of the horn and the season.
Method of use: Apply PEDIGARD black ointment onto the outer wall of the foot during your daily care. Also apply it onto the sole and the frog if they are completely dry and healthy. Close tightly after use.
Associated products: Maintenance of the top (outer part) and bottom (sole and frog) of the foot can be separated and this is strongly recommended in certain cases. In cases of even mild damage, or if the sole and the frog are too wet, apply PEDIFLEX fluid oil instead in order to strengthen the horn while allowing moisture to escape. In cases of frogs that are too damaged, apply PEDICADE onto the frogs and bulbs.
Composition: Beeswax, macadamia oil, rapeseed oil, bay leaf essential oil, clove essential oil.

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